Buffet table for dining room
Our club provided funds to purchase a new buffet table to be placed in the dining area.

Healthy snacks
Twice a month our organization purchases and delivers healthy snacks to the hospice house for patients and families to enjoy while at the house.

Big screen monitor for Hospice office
Last year's donation to the hospice house was a video system used to record patient stories or thoughts to be given to their families.

2016 through 2020 Finish Strong Scholarships

Three deserving graduating seniors from the North Kansas City School District received a $1,000 scholarship over the past 5 years. These students have faced major challenges in their lives but have persevered and finished their high school education at the top of their class. In 2020 4 scholarships were awarded.

What We Do and Why

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In our lifetime we all lose family and friends to illness or accidents. This is a traumatic experience for all of us. But if you have been blessed to have hospice help you and your loved ones through this time with compassion and knowledge of what comes next, then you know how important their mission is.


We have a simple mission: to give support to NorthCare Hospice by providing comfort and nourishment to the families of the hospice patients.

While this is not giving direct care to the patients themselves, the families will need support in many ways. There is comfort in knowing they are not alone. If we can make this experience less difficult with a quick simple snack or a warm home cooked meal allowing that family member to stay by their loved one's bedside. Just knowing there is someone thinking of them could possibly take away some of their burden. 

Darrel Bland Sertoma Club


Founded: 2007

Location: North Kansas City


Service to Mankind: 
Volunteering time and money to support NorthCare Hospice by fundraising and service projects.

Monthly Meetings on second Thursday, 7 pm at NorthCare Hospice offices located

at 2000 NE Vivion Rd, KCMO 64118