What is Sertoma

Our primary focus is assisting NorthCare Hospice House's visitors and staff through financial support and volunteering of member's time. Named after an educator in the North Kansas City School District, Darrel Bland gave his final days as a volunteer at North Kansas City Hospital while under the care of NorthCare Hospice and Palliative Care himself. 


Healthy snacks delivered to

Hospice monthly

It’s important to us to be clear about what we do. As a not for profit organization we donate our time and resources to NorthCare Hospice and students of the NKC School District.


    A curious word until three very important words come together in unison:

SERvice TO  MAnkind

Darrel Bland Sertoma Club

A local club, named after a local hero, formed in October 2007 in the Kansas City northland area. The primary mission is to support NorthCare Hospice
and to serve mankind in general.

  • Free snacks for patient visitors, staff and patients of NorthCare
  • Monthly meals for all visitors of the hospice house
  • Financial support to the Hospice House
  • Special equipment and furniture
  • Scholarships for NKC School District senoirs. (Finish Strong Scholarships)

Individual Gifts

Decorations given to patients 4 times per yr.

Our Misson